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delfin-leeWelcome to the offical site of Delfin Lee. Delfin Lee was born on December 24, 1955, in the city of Quezon, Philippines. Delfin Lee is a Filipino-Chinese, best described as a loving son, patient, hard working individual, positive man, perfectionist leader, philantropist and a visionary business man. He began his stellar rise in the real estate industry by simply caring for his own employees. He created a housing project for them, it instantly became a success. He then established Globe Asiatique in 1994. In the hope of providing a decent home for Filipino families, he has a vision of creating housing projects to every viable land. Not just houses, but communities complete with schools, town halls, recreational areas and livelihood opportunities. He envisions a time when Filipinos are all able to live in decent places uplifting their dignity and pride. Presently he is in prison fighting injustice and dark politics.


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Fast Facts

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Birth Date: December 24, 1955

Name: Delfin S. Lee

Nationality: Filipino - Chinese

Place of Birth: Quezon City, Philippines

Education: BSBA Incomplete

Delfin Lee in the eyes of the Filipinos

delfin lee

DELFIN LEE was born on December 24, 1955, in the city of Quezon. He was the second child in a family of 7 children. Both his parents were educated and belonged to distinguished families. His

father, Don Antonio Lee Chi Uan, a diligent businessman whom Delfin considered as his model, came from china; while his mother, Dona Asuncion Sy Lee, a highly accomplished woman whom Delfin referred to as a very loving and prudent mother was born in Manila.

At a young age, he was already manifesting virtues of magnificence and leadership. He usually spent most of his time in his grandfather’s lumberyard and afterwards decided to work hands on where he had a good grasp of the tricks of the trade and acquired the virtues of patience, hard work, positivism and perfectionism. What even makes him great is that he is grateful to the people who made him who he is - his parents. And in everything he does, he does it in tribute to them.

Delfin obtained his first formal education at Grace Christian high school at Grace village sto domingao Quezon city. On his tertiary years, he took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Management at University of Sto.Tomas in Sampaloc, Manila.

Coming from a Filipino-Chinese family, Delfin Lee was naturally expected to put up his own business and master the art of running it. From his stint at the lumberyard, he began his stellar rise in the real estate industry with the establishment of a housing project for his own employees. The project became a success and with his skill for marketing and business ability, he established what is today known as Globe Asiatique which was established in 1994

In the hope of providing a decent home for Filipino families, he has a vision of creating housing projects to every viable land. And it is not just houses, but communities complete with schools, town halls, recreational areas and livelihood opportunities. He envisions a time when Filipinos are all able to live in decent places uplifting their dignity and pride.

Delfin Lee’s success isn’t just driven by his natural skills in business; his success is rooted in his passion and his heart. He is involved in various charities and other philanthropic activities. He builds off the dreams of Filipinos and makes it real. He gives back not just because he has the means to do so but because he believes that a day will come when everyone will have an equal opportunity to excel with his contributions to making life better for the common Filipino.

Delfin Lee, a visionary, a man of action.


Delfin Lee, Megabuilder

He founded a company from scratch, and is today one of the country’s biggest terms of realty development. Being President and CEO of Globeasiatique Realty Holdings Corporation, Delfin “DL” Lee has influenced albeit even changed, thousands of lives by building homes for them. Whether they are high rise condominiums dotting Metro Manila skylines or low cost houses in San Mateo, Rizal, DL has proven that he is one mega builder and mega achiever for he stirred his company into the competitive position it enjoys today.

Kosmo Sentral: “We are looking at the Enclave right now, is this Globeasiatique first venture in Pampanga?

Delfin Lee: “yes it is, we build The Enclave at Friendship highway to give a breath of life to this place. This is a thorough fare, our gateway to Subic, to Clark and the airport. We plan to have a haven of sort --- a new commercial hub that will challenge downtown Balibago. One of Enclave’s selling points is that we have wide roads and a maple parking areas. This place is more accessible if we are talking about the large expat community too. We already have a couple of locators here, namely, Pier One, Beverly Hills, Jollibee and Tim Yap is going to operate probably the most high and disco house Angeles has ever seen called “The Manri on.” This is our way of initiating how things should be done.”

KS: Angeles City has never seen anything so good as far as property development is concern. You lit literally redrawn the town’s landscape. What gave you initiative even inspiration to do so?

Lee: “the ambiance that you create, this is just a part of the overall package of how Globe Asiatique does things. We could assure you if you ordered a Toyota… you will get nothing less. It’s our word to the clients that counts most to us. Other developers, they sell you a drawing, even ideas that never materialize. We don’t want to known as that, in everything we do, we always aspire to do better. The Enclave is just a start.”

KS: “right now we’ve heard you’re starting Xevera. What make Xevera different from The Enclave?

Lee: Well, The Enclave was meant for the high-end market. We have drawn it to be a sort of Forbes Park in Angeles City. Xevera is for the middle and low-end market, but we must look closely. Everything about Xevera is high-end. That only thing that’s cheap over there were the houses… they cost Php 750.00 only. Now that’s very, very cheap for a townhouse. Xevera would become prototype community should be a showcase. What we are trying to prove is that we can do things fast… and better. When Xevera got be completed, people would just be surprised that the small city actually rose from the grounds of Bacolor without pre-selling. In a way we shall repopulate Bacolor as everything from a high-tech town hall, a 20 million peso church, market, a science school, commercial area, even transportation, would all be there…ready for occupancy.”

KS: “What’s so special about Xevera in comparison with other low-cost property aside from the jaw-dropping amenities, you’ve promised to deliver?”

Lee: “The same management team of the Enclave team shall handle Xevera policies I told you,

This is a prototype community on how a community should be: harmonious, safe, and clean. If we have trouble makers who are noisy and indulge too much on drinking, the management can re-buy the house and expel them from the community so as not to compromise other people’s well-being. That’s just one example of how we will do things over there. No other developer can promise you that. Another thing, there is a new development concerning housing loan today, PAG-IBIG has set a low interest scheme of 7% from a high 16%. This has never happened before. By reducing interest rates, we had made our houses more affordable. Xevera’s monthly amortization is only 5,000 Php on average. For a townhouse which you will eventually own, that’s a steal.  This will make renting a house like flushing money down the drain. A logical man, when he sees Xevera, would be left with no opinion but to buy a home there.”

KS: “You always do things unconventionally… even enviably. What’s the business secret?”

Lee: “Globe Asiatique will always do things based on market demand. To put it in Filipino.. ’kami ang mga pang asar.’ We listen closely to market – then we set market trends based on clients’ need. People work hard for their money, so when they invest in a home, that’s their sweat and blood at stake. They deserve nothing less in the best… value for money speaking.”

KS: ”You poured big investments in Pampanga. Is it just instinct to invest money, a business stroke, or anything that gave you a vote of confidence on Pampanga?”

Lee: (laughs)”You could say I’m in love with a Kapampangan, and with Pampanga. The Kapampangans have high degree of culture. The Kapampangans are industrious, loves fun, loves life. You please a Kapampangan, and then you could please all. Business stroke? I guess that’s another reason too. It is standing right before their very eyes and many businessmen don’t see it. Pampanga and Region 3 were set to be the most dynamic region in the country in the coming years… the only challenge to Metro Manila. With enthusiasm, I’m looking forward for things to happen – and I’m making it happen now.”


Accused housing-scam brain files case vs Pampanga judge

DELFIN Lee, accused of trying to scam taxpayers money in a public housing fund, has formally lodged an administrative and criminal complaint before the Supreme Court (SC) against the executive judge of the Regional Trial Court (RTC) in San Fernando, Pampanga.

In a five-page verified complaint filed on Thursday with the SC Office of the Court Administrator, Lee accused RTC Executive Judge Divina Luz Simbulan of direct extortion.


Delfin Lee files complaint against judge

In an 11-page complaint with the Office of the Court Administrator, Mr. Lee accused San Fernando RTC Executive Judge Divina Luz P. Aquino-Simbulan of gross ignorance of the law, usurpation of official functions, and violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

Mr. Lee claimed Ms. Simbulan, through an emissary, offered to interfere in his syndicated estafa case in exchange for a brand-new Nissan Patrol. The head judge was able to befriend and ask him questions without the presence of his lawyers, he also alleged.


Delfin Lee files case vs. RTC Executive Judge For ignorance of the law, usurpation of authority, graft

By Ashley Manabat
Nov 05, 2015
CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – The executive judge of the Regional Trial Court (RTC) here is now in hot water after a complaint was filed against her by detained property developer Delfin Lee.

On Thursday, Lee, through his lawyer, filed a verified complaint before the Supreme Court against Executive Judge Divina Luz P. Aquino-Simbulan for gross ignorance of the law, usurpation of official functions and violation of RA 3019 otherwise known as the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.


SC requires Pampanga judge to answer ‘extortion’ raps

SAN FERNANDO CITY, Pampanga -- The Supreme Court (SC) will require the executive judge here to answer the administrative and criminal charges filed against her by detained Globe Asiatique president Delfin Lee.

SC court administrator Jose Midas Marquez said he would look into Lee’s complaint against Judge Divina Luz Simbulan.


Wala akong violation kahit isa dito sa kasalukuyang detention cell ko.

Noong Octubre 29 taong kasalukuyan ako ay nakatanggap ng sulat na galing kay Hon. Judge Divina Luz P. Aquino-Simbulan,isa pong executive judge sa pampanga na walang kinalaman sa kaso ko. Ayon po sa sulat iminumungkahi po ni Hon. Judge Divina Luz P. Aquino-Simbulan na ako po ay ilipat sa BJMP Telabastagan, sa kadahilanang may mga tsismis at anonymous letters syang natangap na may special treatment ako at iba pa.




Globe Asiatique Twin Towers

2nd Flr. GA Tower 2 Condominium, EDSA, Boni Ave Mandaluyong City


The Enclave

Fil-Am Friendship Highway, Brgy. Pampang, Angeles City, Pampanga



Chateau Valenzuela

16 P Gregorio St. Barangay Lingunan Valenzuela City


Xevera Bacolor



Xevera Bacolor

Xevera Bacolor barangay Calibutbut Bacolor Pampanga


 Xevera Bacolor

Xevera Mabalacat

Xevera Mabalacat North Mc. Arthur Hiway Barangay Tabun Mabalacat Pampanga



Barangay Sapa Libutad Angeles City Pampanga


St. Monique Valais

Barangay Pantok and Darangan Binangonan Rizal